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An ingenious story… The author impressively conjures a complex tale brimming with unpredictable twists and turns, and her double narrative is pulled off with artful delicacy.”

— Kirkus Reviews
Loubna Hassanieh’s romance Where Will My Heart Beat?  brings good and evil into stark contrast in an epic tale of young lovers torn apart… The complex narrative connects the past and present through recurring dreams and images. The main characters are sympathetic as they embody the struggle between human, ethical, and spiritual values and a worldview in which money and power are all that matter. Descriptions of people and places are perceptive, involving multiple senses to evoke images of beauty, ugliness of form or spirit, and danger. Feelings and states of being are described with insights that dive beneath the surface,… Philosophical and spiritual musings add depth… Where Will My Heart Beat? is a sensitive romance novel focused on love, loss, and redemption. In it family dysfunction, class distinctions, and the clashes between worlds create a matrix in which one man, obsessed with money and personal power, creates chaos and destruction, while another, tuned into the world of spirit, learns that love transcends time and place.”

— Foreword Clarion Review
“In Loubna Hassanieh’s creative, visionary novel, a man returns to his past, where memories and heartfelt soul-searching intuitively guide him to an enigmatic connection with his childhood love… Hassanieh’s fluid, lyrical writing style captures this journey of self-discovery in five parts, effectively transitioning between present and past by incorporating a mixture of omniscient narrative, first-person storytelling, and poetic styled reflections… From sibling rivalry and family rebellion, to love, loss, and secret betrayal, the story explores universal themes. Laced with poignant and surprising unveils—from character connections and unexpected deaths to long hidden betrayals—the narrative keeps readers invested as the drama comes full circle.

Overall, Where Will My Heart Beat?  blends well-crafted exposé with the mysteries of the human experience, lending the book a magical lingering charm.

— BlueInk Review

Where Will My Heart Beat?

Where Will My Heart Beat?